Upon seeing Agnès Dévé’s painting, there are no problems, hesitations or cerebral circumvolutions in search of her style: she is clearly devoted to abstraction and if the definition of her work at times prompts a more tangible evocation, she is only more satisfied, happy that the fruit of her creative work stimulates observers’ thoughts in this way and provokes contradictory emotions. As a pure colourist and abstract artist, Agnès Dévé is instantaneously captivating: her extremely meticulous finishing technique is positively impressive. The art-lover is fascinated by such a formless definition of a concept’s power and the perfection of an instinct, particularly when so uniquely asserted by an artist whose talent has inexorably been brought to fruition. With confident elegance, masses and colours are brought together with sumptuous nuances to form superb waves throughout her works, whether they be somber, cheerful, poetic or diabolical. While the brushstroke is expressive, it is nevertheless sown with mysteries that are in turn magnified by the light and momentum within the artist’s surprising compositions. Her inspiration has allowed Agnès Dévé to ennoble a formless style that is sometimes mistreated by mediocre creators, but which her personality renders appealing and convincing thanks to the magic power of art.

André Ruellan art critic


"Colère" encre sur papier, sous verre

technique mixte (tissus)